John Faler, Owner of Bourbon Street Bartending

On This page you will get a quick history of Bourbon Street Bartending and me, John Faler the owner.  Next, there is a "frequently  asked questions" section that is informative.  Then finally there a list of some of our many customers over the years.  
Bourbon Street Bartending is the area's premier bartending service.  We have developed quite a reputation for our quality of service.  We have set the bar and customers and businesses are taking notice.  We have set a new expectation to what a bartending service can be. Bartending is our only business.  Because of this, we can achieve a level of service that few can achieve.  Bourbon Street Bartending was created with the idea of providing professional bartending service offering a wide array of choices, creating delicious cocktails and delivering them to you with an energetic staff. At the center of the biggest party during Mardi Gras, is Bourbon street. Let Bourbon Street be the center of your party!

The owner of Bourbon Street Bartending is John Faler. He has over 25 years experience in bar service and has provided bar services for over 1000 weddings receptions, corporate events, fund raisers, private parties and other private functions.  Bourbon Street Bartending is a fully insured bartending service with a $2,000,000 liquor and general liability policy.  All bartenders are TIPS certified in alcohol awareness and intervention procedures.  John is a TIPS trainer that trains other bartenders in the Tri-state area.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Often people use the caterer to also supply the bar services for the event. Isn't it more cost effective to use the same caterer for both the food and alcohol? 

Please compare what Bourbon Street Bartending offers versus any other service in town. We offer a better selection of better quality alcoholic beverages than any caterer in town. We offer top shelf liquors and wine for the price others charge for bottom shelf liquor. 
People like the "one stop shop" and like to deal with one business for food and bar services. You may see this as a good thing, but is it really a good thing? You wouldn't think of hiring your caterer for your DJ, cake, photography and food? Just as those things are specialized services, so should be the bar service. Instead of having two minds working hard to make each part excellent. You get one person, the caterer covering both area's. I would rather have one person who is solely dedicated to making the bar service be the best it can be. Let the caterer concentrate on food, and we will concentrate on the bar, that way both will be better. We have worked with most caterers in town to provide a smooth seamless event.

2. I simply need someone to serve my guest's drinks, most guest's will probably be drinking beer anyway. Why do I need a professional bartender? 

A good bartender is worth the extra money spent. I will give you three reasons.

1. Liability. Everybody drinking and getting drunk is all great until you are the host of a party. The host and bartender have certain responsibilities concerning their guests. This responsibility turns into liability if you proceed to continue serving drinks to someone who is obviously intoxicated and may jump into his or her car and plow into someone on the road. Lawyers of the injured will sue anybody and everybody connected to this tragic event. Bourbon Street Bartenders are T.I.P.S. certified( Training in intervention procedures). John Faler is a certified T.I.P.S. trainer who trains other bartenders around the Tri-state area. Bourbon Street Bartending is also fully insured with a $1,000,000 liquor liability insurance. 

2. Professionalism. When you have a Full open Bar, most people will drink mixed drinks. I guess it is the fact that drinks are free, but even people who normally drink just beer will opt for liquor drinks. I tell people who hire me this all the time, people who normally buy beer will be drinking mixed drinks at your party. For this reason, it helps to have someone who can make excellent drinks. Drinks made overly strong or weak or simply made with incorrect portions of ingredients just do not taste good. Pouring ingredients into a glass with ice and giving a quick stir to a drink that requires shaking will produce a poor drink. Someone who can provide suggestions of a new drink or a different twist on an old drink can enhance the experience and enjoyment for your guests. You are the host, poor service from the bartender reflects on you. 

3.People will spend much time searching out a DJ that is personable and can make their party enjoyable to the guests. But who interacts and talks to just about every guest at your party and will do so throughout the night? The Bartender!, not the DJ and not the Caterer. In many ways the bartender is the representative of the host. The bartender can make you look good or make you look bad. The bartender will interact with more of your guests than probably even the host. 
As a photographers reputation is built on the quality of their pictures. a caterers reputation is built on the quality of their food. Our reputation is built on the quality of our bar service. Bartending is Bourbon Street Bartending's only business, we can provide a level of service few can achieve.

3. Is Bourbon Street Bartending insured with liquor liability insurance to cover alcohol related incidents? 

Yes! Bourbon Street Bartending has a $1,000,000 liquor liability policy and $1,000,000 general liability policy. Many establishments require that you hire a bartending service with liquor liability insurance, for the protection of you, the reception hall and Bourbon Street Bartending. Most caterers and other bartending services do not have any liquor liability insurance, they may have general liability but this explicitly states this does not cover alcohol related incidents. You can have a piece of mind knowing your bartending service is insured and not gambling on everything going well. The insurance is there so that you the host can enjoy your party. But, we do ask, please do your part to promote responsible drinking of your guests. We can submit proof of insurance upon request. Bourbon Street Bartending also uses TIPS certified bartenders, trained in alcohol awareness and intervention procedures. John Faler, owner of Bourbon Street Bartending is a certified TIPS trainer. He trains other bartenders in the Cincinnati area.

Customers of

​Bourbon Street Bartending


Event List

Skavdahl Wedding Reception, Krohn Conservatory
2012 Krewe/ Bacchanalian Society Mardi Gras-Masquerade Party, Downtown Cincinnati
2012 New Years Eve Party, The Center Cincinnati
Convergy Christmas Party, Cincinnati
Shivener Wedding Reception, Memorial Hall
First Financial Bank, Grand Opening Downtown Cinncinnati
Grand Re-Opening of Historic Emery Theatre, Over the Rhine Cincinnati
Chef's Choice Catering, Wedding reception Christ Church Cathedral
Gamma Phi Beta College Party, Miami University, Grandfathers Barn
Beta Theti Phi College Party, University of Cincinnati
Posinski Wedding Reception, Muhlhauser Barn
Chef's Choice Catering at French House
Hammanns Catering, Lake Lyndsay
Hammanns Catering, Inn at Oneonta
Dotterwiech reception, Anderson Center
Wittman Wedding Reception, Benham's Grove
Terry-Baker Wedding Reception, Lake Lyndsay
Chef's Choice Reception, Glendale Lyceum
McAbee Wedding Reception, Veterans Park Pavilion
Chef's Choice Event, Mount Echo
ATOC event, Ault Park Pavilion
Morgan Wedding Reception, Oak Ridge Lodge
Eddy Reception, Muhlhauser Barn
Hasselbeck wedding Reception, French House
Wilhelm Retirement, Oxford Community Arts Center
Couch reception, Muhlhuaser Barn
Van Lanen, Miami Twp. Community Center
Volmer reception, Lake Lyndsay
Kuykendall Wedding Reception, Private residence
Kuznicki Wedding Reception, Glendale Lyceum
Campbell 60th, Private residence
Auwnspaw Wedding Reception, Benham's Grove
Clark Wedding Reception, Lake Lyndsay
Sullen Wedding Reception, French House
Goodwin Reception, Glendale Lyceum
Murphy Wedding Reception,  Fifth Third Building Downtown Cincinnati
Saurber Wedding Reception,  Kayla's Korner
Summers Wedding Reception, Eagles Farm Troy Ohio
Disanto Company Party, Private residence
Wright Wedding Reception, Lake Lyndsay
Hess Wedding Reception, Polen Farm Kettering
Hehemann retirement party, Junior League of Cincinnati
Yelton Wedding Reception, Anderson Center
Beta Theti Phi Fraterity Annual Party, Univ. of Cincinnati
Wright 50th Anniversery, Private residence
Little Wedding Reception, Krohn Conservatory
Dowd Wedding Reception, Muhlhauser Barn
Paddy Murphy week 2011 Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Univ. of Cincinnati
Glaser Wedding Reception, Kayla's Korner
Pi Kappa Alpha fraternity Univ. of Cincinnati Annual Party
VRI executive party, Holiday Inn Franklin
Ireton Wedding Reception, Kayla's Korner
Sugarcreek Packing Company Fund raiser, Washington CH
Baile de Carnival 2011 Butterfly Gala, Krohn Conservatory
Proctor and Gamble Annual Party, Tower 1 Downtown Cincy
Gamber Retirment Party, Forest Park Senior Center
Civic Garden Center, Krohn Conservatory
"The Knot" featured Bartending service for Annual Event, Art Design Studio
Krewe-Bacchanalian Society Masquerade Party Mardi Gras 475 guests
Keller Williams Annual Party
New Years Eve Party 400 guests, Cincinnati Contemporary Arts Center
Convergy Corp.  Christmas Party, Downtown Cincinnati
Janson Wedding Reception, Private Residence
Midland Company Christmas Party, Anderson Center
P & G Christmas Party, Cincinnati Contemporary Arts Center
ATK Aerospace Systems, Gilbert Part Barn
Cincinnati HRK, Annual Party
Cincinnati Contemporary Arts Center, Exhibit Event
Gerber Graduation Party, Private Residence
Committee For Lakota Schools, Muhlhauser Barn
Sweet Wedding Reception, Oxford Community Arts Center
Wolke Wedding Reception, Ornmont Estate, Piqua
Fine Arts Fund Cincinnati, Annual Awards, Cincinnati Ballet
Pi Kappa Alpha, Fall Party 2010, Univ of Cincinnati
Calvert Wedding Reception, Beach House
Symons Wedding Reception, Beach House, Lake Lyndsay
"Save the Animals" Foundation, Fund Raiser, Shane Weber Salon
Scheidler Wedding Reception, Good Shepherd Church
ACI annual party 2010, Oak Ridge Lodge
Maess Private party 2010
Patterson Co-op High School 35 yr reunion,  Patterson Homestead
Hensley Wedding Reception, Anderson Center
Powers Wedding Reception, Thompson Park
Fitzpatrick Wedding Reception, Muhlhauser Barn
Moore Wedding Reception, Neiderman Farm
Khera Wedding Reception, Good Shepherd Church
Carrell Wedding Reception, Lebanon Museum Center
Cincinnati 2010 Annual Salsa Festival, Tower Place Mall
Jeffries Wedding Reception, Glendale Lyceum
Williams Wedding Reception, Lake Lyndsay Main Lodge
Flannigan-Jeffcoat Wedding Reception, Private Residence
Edgewood High School 20 year reunion, Barn n Bunk
Vorhees Wedding Reception, Niederman Farm
Beckett Ridge Swim Boosters 2010, Pool Party Beckett Ridge Country Club
Vaughn Lane Wedding Reception, Beach House Lake Lyndsay
Yakso Wedding Reception, Lake Lyndsay Main Lodge
Coffee Emporium, Open House
Trout Wedding Reception, Beach House 
Signature Hardware, Open House
"Paddy Murphy Week 2010" Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Univ. of Cinti
Gray Graduation Party, Wyoming Fine Arts Center
Proctor and Gamble, Annual Party, Tower 1 Building, Dowtown Cinti
Hogg Wedding Reception, Kayla's Korner
Irish Club, Univ. of Dayton, Gilbert's Party Barn
Rathje Wedding Reception, Kayla's Korner
Allen Wedding Reception, Isaac Walton League
Sugarcreek Packing Co. Washington CH, Fundraiser
Anchor Wedding Reception, Pattison Park
Harlow-HRK Annual party, Elisha Morgan Mansion
Blades Wedding Reception, Livingston Lodge
"The Red Party" A salon named Desire
New Years Party 2010 Cincinnati Contemporary Arts Center
Open House, Keller Williams Realty
Souders Wedding Reception, Kayla's Korner
Muncy Wedding Reception, Camp Kern
Fullam Wedding, Muhlhauser Barn
Sigma Chi, Beta Theta Pi, Alpha Epsilon Pi.  Fall Fest, Univ. of Cincinnati
Coffee Emporium Over the Rhine, Open House
O'Grady Reception, Overlook Park
Wilson Reception, Terrace Park
Norman Birthday Party, Private Residence
Buddhev Wedding Reception, Lake Lyndsay
Samblanet Wedding Reception, Kayla's Korner
Cockrell Wedding Reception, Langdon Farm
Timler Wedding Reception, Lake Lyndsay
FLIK, Employee Appreciation Event
ACI, Annual Picnic, Oak Ridge Lodge
Schneider Wedding Reception, Kayla's Korner
Wheeler Wedding Reception, Lake Lyndsay
Pi Kappa Alpha, Fraternity Event, UC
Junior League of Cincinnati Aultimate Affair, Ault Park Pavilion 2009
Krewe-Bacchanalian Society, Mardi Gras-
Masquerade Party, Old Masionette downtown Cincinnati
Beckett Ridge Swim Team Boosters, Pool party and Golf Outing
Phelps Wedding Reception, Wyoming Civic Center
D'Andrea Private Party, Residence
Law Day, First Financial Bank, Hamilton
Coach House Tavern and Grille
Wilken Wedding Reception at Kayla's Korner
"Paddy Murphy Week" Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Univ. of Cincinnati
Cole and Russell Architects
Dr. Brody Blues Fest
Shukla Wedding Reception at Lake Lyndsay
Entrepreneurs of Cincinnati
LaBella Salon and Spa ribbon cutting cermony
Kramer wedding reception, private residence
Harvard Club of Cincinnati
Barnes double wedding ceremony and reception,
Snider House
Nojaim Birthday party
Pi Kappa Alpha Fraternity Alumni Event
Matt Dolan Service Fund Charity Event, American Sign Museum
Mathson Rehearsal Dinner, Muhlhauser Barn
Calis Wedding Reception, Maple Ridge Lodge
xpedx Paper Company, Retirement party
New Years Eve Party 2009,
Contemporary Arts Center, downtown Cincinnati
Fashion and Art show, MBR studio's
Myer's Private Party, Middletown
MacKnight Wedding Reception
MDA Fund Raiser, Monte Carlo night, Local 20
Junior League of Cincinnati, Aultimate Affair, Ault Park 2008
Beer Wedding Reception, Lake Isabella Lakeside Lodge
Wagonfield Wedding Reception, Lake Lyndsay
Maess Private Party
Kappa Kappa Gamma Sorority Event,  Miami Univ.
 Grandfathers Barn